Morale at Novato High in Need of a Boost

Morale at Novato High in Need of a Boost

Blake Krustchinsky

At Novato High, morale is an important part of the school’s structure, as it can very much impact a students ability to learn, work, and perform at school. Creating a good environment at school can provide a better experience for both teachers and students. 

The willingness to learn and participate in the classroom can improve the overall mentality of students, allowing for more academic success. However, enforcing dress codes that might limit student expression or even having a difficult grading standard can negatively affect the way a student either thinks or feels. 

A source that wished to remain anonymous said, “Being in class makes me more tired because I get bored, that’s why I’m always high during school.”                       

Many students also worry of the threat of school shooters, as they are usually unpredictable and can strike at any time. 

Sophomore J.J. Moreno discussed this topic.

“Sometimes I feel like school lockdown drills make people’s anxiety rise,” Moreno said. “It reminds them of what’s going on around the world, and it makes them feel less safe.” 

Providing more security might be in the best interests of some students, yet others oppose this idea as additional security can lower the morale of certain students, by having additional authoritative figures on campus can make students feel less comfortable. 

Junior Jackson Gremmels discussed this topic.

“I feel fine about it,” he said. “The officers add a sense of safety to the school, and I know some people don’t like that because they might wanna go vape in the bathroom and don’t want to get in trouble.” 

Additional authoritative figures on campus can be intimidating or uncomfortable to some, especially those with a conflicted or troubled history. 

The pressure of academics can also take its toll on students, resulting in little to no sleep or less time spent with friends or family. 

Junior Aidan McMullen described his academic experience.

“Grades can stress us out, and if we’re doing lower in multiple classes, we might lose interest in getting better grades. If we had better grades, our motivation would make us do better,” he said.

 School is important regardless of bias, but do we as students have to take it so serious?