Medical Careers Pathways Offers Giant Opportunity


MCP Teacher Summer Nicklasson instructs her class.

Julian Stauffer

The Medical Careers Pathways program at Novato High offers ambitious students a chance to study a career field commonly pursued only after high school. During high school, students don’t always have the chance to take classes specific to their dream profession. This program offers students the chance to explore all medical and healthcare pathways to prepare and inspire them for their futures. 

Aspiring medical students typically will take the basic science and mathematics classes required in high school to prepare themselves for college. They could also take internships to gain real job experience, but this NHS program changes the traditional system by bringing more of an in-depth approach to campus.

The class is taught by Summer Nicklasson, who has over 10 years of experience as a nurse. With her experience, she is able to enlighten students about the whole medical world.

Nicklasson explained this importance.

“I think this program is a really unique opportunity for students to understand how many different healthcare careers are out there,” she said. 

Nicklasson also talked about the kind of students that are in the program.

“I have really motivated students,” said Nicklasson. “I think all of them want to pursue a career in healthcare some way.”

It’s clear that the students taking the class definitely have a passion for the program. 

Many students immediately think of being a doctor or veterinarian when it comes to medical pathways, but the truth is that there are so many other career options that they could become interested in and pursue. The program not only shows them these pathways, but teaches them new skills and prepares them for the medical world altogether.

Junior Susha Krayeva discussed her experience in the program.

“We got to see a lot of guest speakers and experience a lot of different professions to see what we actually like,” she said.

The program gives interested students the chance to explore their interests and learn about the specific jobs that catch their attention.

The program’s specific career focus is relatively new in the high school education circle. In the past, classes that were career specific were designed for jobs that did not require a college degree, so that a student could pursue employment right out of high school. Medical Careers Pathways is different from these because it is meant to prepare students for all the steps leading to their respective medical careers, including the higher education that is needed.

Medical Careers Pathways is a valuable tool for ambitious students at Novato. Classes like these allow students to gain a deeper understanding of their interests to help them eventually distinguish themselves in the medical industry and gain a head start in a competitive field.