New Senior Club


Lauren Krustchinsky

With the new school year brings new clubs. As Novato High comes together and shares their love for different activities, the student body has come up with many different clubs that can suit anyone. 

 One of the new clubs this year that is a major attraction is Senior Club. The club president is Matthew Frey. They meet on the last day of every month after school in room 2104. (Mr. Underwood-Jett’s room). 

The idea for creating this club was explained by Frey. 

“Let’s just get straight into it by addressing the big fat elephant in the room. Our class, our 2020 class, doesn’t have a good idea who or what makes up our 2020 class. So that is why I am here bringing together the majority of y’all to get a mutual understanding of each other,” Frey said. 

This idea for a Novato High senior club has never been thought of before, so it’s new and exciting. It’s the idea of bringing people in the senior class together to form some camaraderie and have some fun before graduation. Senior Club brainstorms ideas and activities that take place outside of school, such as their next idea at the ocean. 

“I was thinking for our first official meeting we can kick it off with a bonfire at the beach, everyone likes fire, and the beach,” Frey said. 

Everyone in this group is super friendly and will welcome you into the club with open arms. Within this club, people are getting closer with their senior classmates and creating a bond that could last a lifetime. There are many activities that could be planned by this club that might last for generations if it is successful. 

Don’t be nervous to join this club. At the end of the day, everybody needs a friend and a group of nice people to hang out with, and this is an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.