Embracing The Final Milestones for Seniors


The Senior Class of 2022 at a rally

Gavin McMickin, Reporter

From the start of freshman year at Novato High, students have a chance to look forward to the special things that every senior class gets as they finish their final year of high school. Some of these events include Prom, senior breakfast, ditch day, and graduation. For the first time in two years, these events can now take place in a normal fashion as seniors create their final memories as high schoolers. 

It began with Prom on May 21st, where seniors got to have one final formal dance with their class. It was an event students looked forward to and planned throughout all of high school, with money being raised each year for the big event. This year, Prom was held at Lake Chalet in Oakland. The waterfront restaurant provided a great scene with good food and music for the event.

Money was also spent on buses to shuttle students to and from Oakland. The plan was to bring all students and guests to the event through these buses. However, there was a last-minute mixup with the buses just a day before prom. The bus company let the school know that there were only two buses available, as several drivers didn’t have the proper certification to drive students. Fortunately, the school was able to act quickly and allowed students to either drive themselves and/or take limo and taxi services to prom.

After Prom, most of the seniors took a mini vacation on May 23rd for the traditional senior ditch day. Whether it was going to the beach or staying at home playing video games, most of the class of 2022 was nowhere near NHS.

On June 1st, seniors will be getting together in the Old Gym to celebrate with pancakes, eggs, sausage, waffles, orange juice, and other breakfast items. Breakfast isn’t the only thing going on that morning. The senior slideshow is set to play during the breakfast so seniors can look back and reminisce on all the memories created throughout high school. Additionally, seniors will get their final yearbooks and have time to write farewell messages on the pages. This can be a sentimental morning for some.

Lastly on the milestone list is the big graduation on the morning of June 10th. This is when students will be recognized for their hard work over the last four years and receive their diplomas. Although it may be a time of celebration, this will be the moment that marks the end of a huge chapter in all of our lives, which can be sad for many. However, that is not our last goodbye because safe grad night is coming up, where seniors will go to the Epicenter in Santa Rosa. Students will get to spend the last hours of the day in a safe environment where they can have fun, laser tag or other games, and enjoy the presence of their classmates one last time.

Senior Riley Hovey spoke about her last weeks as a high schooler.

“These are the moments where the whole senior class can all come and be one community together. When I look back on senior year, I’m going to cherish the events we all shared together. The final few weeks of school is a time that I want to spend with my friends because we are in the good old days,” she said.

Junior Jake Felchlin also weighed in.

“It’s important to make lasting memories during senior year because it’s the end of a large chapter in your life and many people you have grown up with basically you will not see for years if ever again,” he said. “I look forward to pretty much all the events like ditch day, Prom, senior breakfast, because it’s about the senior experience and is something every senior should do before they graduate.”

It’s been a long ride for our seniors and for it to come to an end is crazy to see and be a part of. As the Class of 2022 finishes up, it’s important that they have fun and embrace their senior year with all of the milestone events being offered. These memories will be lasting and make the students look back on high school in a positive way.