Allie Greene Hired as New Assistant Principal


Alexis Weiss, Reporter

A new permanent Assistant Principal has been hired at Novato High. After former assistant Principal Greg Fister left in December, Bob Steffen took over on an interim basis but now staff and students are excited to welcome Allie Greene into the position next year.  

She previously worked as an English and ELD teacher at San Marin High School for 4 years, was the AP at Terra Linda High School for a year, and was the Vice Principal at both Santa Rosa and Ridgeway High School. 

Greene explained what makes Novato High appealing as an administrator. 

“I love the sense of community and equity-minded culture,” she said.  

As for her main goals at Novato High, Greene explained the community she hopes to build. 

“My only goal is to make sure every student feels loved and cared about. Kids can’t be successful if they don’t feel valued, seen, and cared about. You have to have that first before kids can be in a place to be successful at school,” she said. “I live in Novato and I want to serve the community I live in!”

Greene grew up in Sacramento but moved to Novato after getting her job at San Marin. She has three kids at San Ramon Elementary School and is an avid bread baker. 

“I am a total nerd,” she said. “I bake my own bread, like, obsessively.”

She was also on the crew team all through high school and college and became a high school rowing coach as an adult. 

Novato High is excited to welcome her into the position and looks forward to seeing what she has to offer the school and community.