A True Passion for Dance


MSA dancers in action outside of the dance room.

Ella Echo, Reporter

Although I played the piano for six years, trombone for one, guitar and ukulele for two, and competed on the swim team for a few seasons, dance always stuck with me as I got older. From the time I was four years-old, my passion for dance started to blossom. I have taken recreational dance classes at my current studio since I was seven. Three years later, I found myself auditioning for their competitive dance team, where I continued with my team through sophomore year of high school (until the Covid lockdown). 

Coming to Novato High, I knew I wanted to incorporate dance into my academic schedule. I have always admired how dance integrates mental, physical, and emotional components. Dance expresses what words can’t. Dance exudes vulnerability, something the audience is able to experience and reciprocate simply from viewing a piece of intricate choreography. Once I toured MSA dance and explored the program, I knew it was perfect for me. The MSA Dance program aims to create and foster highly-skilled, well-educated dancers. Dancers develop prominent skills and gain a greater perspective of the dance world by studying a variety of genres including modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, and other various styles. 

My first two years, I was placed into the intermediate level where I grew as a dancer both physically and intellectually. Dancing two periods a day for five days a week allowed close ties to be formed. The individuals in my class that I hadn’t known prior to NHS became some of my closest friends. After my sophomore year, I got moved up to the advanced level. As a senior, I am currently enrolled in the advanced level as well as the Dance Honors course. The Honors course provides course credit for its increased volume of study. The curriculum is integrated into senior year and culminates in an Honors Dance concert at the end of the year. This is a big performance in which students choreograph a group and solo piece in all aspects of the production; coordinating, lighting, staging and publicity. 

This year, I will be choreographing my Honors piece coming up on June 4th at 7pm in the Center for the Arts. The song for the dance is called, “Leave a Light On” by Tom Walker. Composing dances is something I have greatly enjoyed as I let my creativity overflow with ideas and storylines in order to capture the art of movement. 

Outside of school, I take dance classes as well as teach a few at my local dance studio. I teach younger kids hip hop and jazz, as well as other factors such as musicality and high-energy movement. It all culminates into the end of semester show where we showcase the students’ talents in the dance that I created for them. 

The love that I now have for teaching dance has opened my mind to opportunities that I will certainly want to pursue in the future. Though I will not be majoring in dance, I still want to actively incorporate it into my professional life in order to help struggling youth build their self-esteem. Dance has made a deep impact and I want to take the impression that it made on me and show other individuals how this art form can truly make a lifelong difference.