Discovering the Best Bay Area Sunset Locations


Sunset at Bolinas Ridge

Tamara Buchanan, Reporter

The Bay Area is known for its breathtaking mountains and lookout points that overlook the beautiful bay. As a teen that lives in the Bay Area, witnessing sunsets is a common summertime activity. Here’s a list of the top seven places to watch the sunset in Marin County. 

1: Bolinas Ridge-This is a very special place in the Bay Area because there are two sides of the lookout point. You can go to one side and look at the sunset over the water or you can look at the sunset over the mountainside (the best of both worlds). 


2: Mount Burdell This mountain behind the San Marin area is a very popular spot for many local residents to go hiking. The key is to go to the mountain at sunset and climb to the top or sit at the bottom to watch the beauty unfold. 


3: Muir Beach-A local Marin County beach is an easy and fast way to watch a beach sunset from the sand. While many places around the bay are great for sunset viewing, something about putting down a towel or a picnic blanket makes the sunset an even more special experience. 


4: Black Point Boat Launch-This spot is well known for most Novato students. The boat launch is under the Sonoma bridge overpass. With the long weed-like grass and calm bay water, it is a nice place for community members to sit and watch the water any time, but the glow from the sunset on the water is really a spectacular sight to see. 


5: Marin Headlands-Marin headlands is the final exit before you get on the bridge to go to San Francisco and makes for a beautiful lookout point over the water. You can see the entire panoramic city landscape. This famous spot shows up in many postcards and paintings.


6: Mount Tamalpais-A local hangout spot for many Marin County teens is Mt. Tam. Mt. Tam has multiple peaks with different hiking trails for any level of hiker. This is an unforgettable experience for both locals and tourists.


7: Rodeo Beach-A common spot for surfers is also a hidden spot for a beautiful sunset in the evening. Because Rodeo is mostly a surfing beach in the evening, there aren’t many people so it creates a nice, quiet place for a secluded sunset viewing. 

For your summertime planning, these Bay Area sunsets are worth chasing and capturing.