Flick Brothers Putting Their Mark on Hornets Hoops


Photo courtesy of Brett Huser

Brett Huser, Reporter

Two of the star players on the Novato High varsity basketball team share a last name and a love for the game. Brothers Brandon and Travis Flick have played together on the varsity team for two seasons. The Flick brothers have made a name for themselves, and are an entertaining, flourishing duo on the basketball court.

Brandon, now a 3-year varsity player in his senior year, is the starting small forward for the Hornets. His younger brother, Travis, a sophomore, has been the starting point guard for both years of his early high school career.

The Flicks grew up playing year-round sports in Sacramento for most of their childhood. They moved to Southern California where they lived for two years and then moved to Novato back in 2017. They grew up playing travel basketball in the same programs and they frequently play with and against each other in competitive pickup games and one-on-one games (many of which I have experienced firsthand at their outdoor half-court located in their backyard). The Flicks are fierce competitors and have a competitive but friendly relationship with each other, where they consistently push each other to improve and become the best players they can be.

Brandon shared what it has been like being teammates with his little brother.

“Playing with Travis on a real team has been fun,” he said. “Watching him develop as a point guard and gaining confidence from freshman to sophomore year makes me wish we had a few more years together.”

As the older, more experienced brother, Brandon has embraced the role of mentoring and helping out Travis as he’s grown and matured as a player over the past couple of years.

“Before he (Travis) was in high school, and I was on varsity, we would play each other at home and it would always be tough for him because I’ve always been physical with him,” Brandon said. “Playing with him on the team this year, I’ve seen him bring that physical toughness with him, and he doesn’t back down from any challenges. Even when he gets hurt, he will fight through the pain.”

Travis has appreciated having Brandon as a leader and mentor for him on the team.

“It helps to have Brandon as a leader because he pushes me on the court and I look up to him not only at home but also on the court,” Travis explained.

The brothers have been key contributors to the varsity team’s success over the last two years. They both have similar skill sets, as quick, athletic scorers and playmakers who bring great energy and intensity to both sides of the court. 

Travis has the ability to create shots on his own, and can efficiently knock down perimeter shots with confidence. He can use his craftiness to either finish with an athletic layup or a floater in the lane, or use his vision to dish it off to the post. 

Brandon is more of a slasher and can use his combination of strength and speed to get to the basket at will. Brandon is often given the assignment of guarding the opponent’s best player and takes great pride in doing so.

In addition to their talent, the brothers have great chemistry and work well together on the court.

“As kids, although we didn’t play on teams together, we knew how each other played from watching games and practicing with each other, so we know our roles when we are playing together and we accept them,” said Brandon.

Travis described their chemistry the same way.

“My relationship with Brandon helps me on the court because we are always together at home and when we get on the court I know how he plays and our chemistry is good because of that,” he said.

Boys varsity assistant coach and NHS alumnus Roger Baker emphasized the overall impact the Flicks have on the varsity team.

“Brandon and Travis’ impact on the varsity team is immense,” Baker emphasized.  “Brandon is one of the best defenders in the county. Travis is already a top offensive player in the league and only a sophomore. They want every one of their teammates to be better and even their coaches too.”

Coach Baker also highlighted their value and importance as teammates.

“Brandon holds everyone accountable. He expects 100% from everyone, 100% of the time. When he is not on the court you can feel it,” he said. “Travis is an emotional player. He cares just as much about winning as anyone and backs it up with his hard work, even when others are not watching. He has the potential to be the best player Novato has seen in a long time.”

Although this is their last season playing together, as Brandon will graduate this spring, the Flick duo has left a lasting impression on the league, and their hard work and effort have served as a cornerstone for the Boys varsity basketball team.