The Sensational Seven–Novato High Teachers Who Shine


Teachers Joshua Rosenberg and Jason Searle.

Andrew Halsing

Novato High School has amazing teachers in every subject from Math to P.E. to the MSA programs, but at every school, there are always a select few that go above and beyond people’s expectations of what a teacher should do. From their impressive teaching to their upbeat attitudes, these seven teachers have proven to be some of the best.

Danny Kambur

Mr. Kambur, who teaches a variety of subjects including World History, CCR, and AP Human Geography, is known school-wide for not only his teaching but for his personality traits as well. 

“Kambur does a good job of relating history to real-world stuff,” said sophomore Owen Teperson. “He’s friendly and relatable, and funny too.” 

Fellow sophomore Ezra Portillo discussed what makes Kambur such a beloved teacher.

“Kambur is a great teacher because of his laid-back attitude,” said Portillo. “He puts faith in us to complete our work, which makes it easy for us to succeed.” 

Nicole Slavin 

Ms. Slavin, who teaches 10th and 11th grade English, is a favorite of many who take her classes. She is known to have a positive and relaxed attitude, which effectively encourages students to get their work done efficiently and on-time. 

“Ms. Slavin’s a good teacher because she’s nice and really cares about her students,” said sophomore Ben Farley. “She takes the time to get to know us, she’s just a nice person to be around.” 

Sophomore Graham Engelskirchen also praised Slavin for her awesome personality. 

“Ms. Slavin is such a great teacher because of the way she cares for all of her students,” said Engelskirchen. “I know all teachers are supposed to care for their students, but I feel like Ms. Slavin takes it to a new level.” 

Ms. Slavin is someone that is approachable and understanding, which are only two of the many reasons that make Ms. Slavin such a great teacher, and so beloved across the campus.

Jason Searle 

Mr. Searle, who is the head of the social studies department, has been teaching at NHS for 15 Years. This year, he is exclusively teaching AP European History, a very challenging course. 

“I like Mr. Searle because he’s very knowledgeable about the subject that he teaches,” said Farley. “He just knows so much about any subject, and he can answer most questions you ask him off the top of his head, it’s really amazing.” 

Mr. Searle talked a little about his strategy as a teacher, and why it is so effective with his students. 

“The biggest thing with teaching that I have found over time is that the goal is to try to give students ownership in knowing what they need to do in order to be successful,” said Searle. “I’ve also found over the years that students really respond well to teachers that really enjoy and love the subject that they are teaching because it is very obvious when that’s the case.” 

Mr. Searle is undeniably a master of his craft and he does an amazing job of balancing learning with pleasure in his classes.

Michele Sanner 

Ms. Sanner teaches chemistry in the brand-new Center for the Sciences and is the Department Chair for Science. She is widely regarded as one of the kindest teachers on campus, and she uses her compassion to help students understand the content she is teaching. 

“Sanner is just a really nice teacher who is supportive and teaches really well,” said sophomore Nick Madsen. “You aren’t afraid to get a question wrong in her class because she is so supportive.” 

Another Sanner student, Wali Moshref, described what makes her such a great teacher. 

“Sanner uses easy metaphors when teaching confusing topics for us to understand,” said Moshref. “(She) gives us multiple days to do our work and understands when we couldn’t finish on time.” 

Ms. Sanner is certainly a teacher that is very understanding if you fall behind in her classes and is certainly one of the kindest people on campus. 

David Blair

Mr. Blair is the head of the math department at NHS. He teaches Pre Calculus and AP Calculus, and is also the varsity boys basketball coach. 

“I like Blair’s class,” said Junior Taye Anand, who is taking Mr. Blair’s AP Calculus class. “He is a very interactive teacher and although I struggle with the content, he makes it easier to understand. I look forward to his class.” 

As well as being a great teacher, he is also beloved as a coach. “He is good at showing us how to win, and he is also very inspirational and funny, which makes the practices ten times easier,” said sophomore player Josh Devore.

Whether it’s in the classroom or on the sidelines, Mr. Blair is loved by many, and is one of Novato High’s finest.

Evan Underwood-Jett 

Mr. Underwood-Jett teaches AP U.S. History, Government, Economics and Psychology. His calm demeanor as well as his willingness to get to know his students make him a school-wide favorite. 

“Underwood is a great teacher for so many reasons,” said junior Elle Carrow, who takes Mr. Underwood’s AP U.S. history class. “He allows for a balance between preparing us for our AP test and also having a classroom experience in which we can relax and have fun.” 

Mr. Underwood-Jett spoke about how he mixes student learning with their areas of enjoyment. 

“I think trying to make things relatable to things that are happening around us today and just trying to make sure that kids have a personal interest and relationship with both the teacher and the subject,” he said. 

Mr. Underwood-Jett is clearly someone who cares a lot about both his subject and his students, and his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Josh Rosenberg 

Mr. Rosenberg, who teaches World History and journalism, has been the leader and advisor of the Novato Swarm since its inception in 2016. His upbeat attitude coupled with his great knowledge of history make him a perfect teacher for many. 

“I like the way he teaches and connects everything to the students,” said sophomore Jaden Cokinos. “I also like how I can talk to him about sports and hip-hop. He’s a really well-rounded and connected guy, overall just a cool dude.” 

Mr. Rosenberg discussed how his teaching methods have resonated with his students. 

“I guess when you love what you do and your best qualities come out in the workplace, students can pick up on that energy,” said Rosenberg. “So, if I’m my authentic self from day one, then students can feel comfortable, heard, respected and valued.” 

Whether it’s teaching kids history or the art of writing and reporting, Mr. Rosenberg is certainly someone who everyone adores. Many kids across campus are always looking forward to his classes.