The Many Costs of Eating Off Campus


Photo by Gavin McMickin

Gavin McMickin, Reporter

Going off-campus has always been a desire for students whether it’s for an Italian Delight sandwich or a slice of Stefano’s Pizza. However, it can become expensive and people must ask themselves if going out every day for food is worth the cost.

It can be tough for students to decide where to go for lunch but no matter where they end up, money comes out of their wallets. Junior Riley Decker says he spends around $35 a week on lunch. Decker was also asked if he ever thinks about spending less on food. 

“I think about it, but I was making money at the same time so I thought that was something I could spend it on,” he said.

Food is one thing to spend money on but leaving campus to get food can also mean buying more gas, yet another expense. For the students who drive, going to and from lunch has the potential to drain your gas tank.  

Senior Kiana Briggs explained how driving to lunch affects her tank. 

“I have to fill up my tank a lot more than I used to. I don’t have gas to go anywhere else,” she said.

Another cost of going to lunch can be time. If students want food that is far away, there is the risk of being late for their next class. A tardy (or absence) in a class can lead to a phone call home, which nobody enjoys. 

Senior Dale Hyde talked about these situations. 

“I’ve been late to class a couple of times after lunch but it’s always within five minutes of the second bell ringing,” Hyde said.

Chik-Fil-A remains a popular lunch destination for many local students. The average Chick-Fil-A meal costs $7.81. This includes a sandwich, fries, and a drink. A meal like that, every school day for lunch, can be up to $39 a week and $156 a month. It differs for every eatery but no matter where students choose to eat, the food costs add up. 

It can be scary to take a look at what it can cost a student to go out to lunch so often. Yet, ultimately it’s up to them to decide if It’s just too much or if the off-campus food is simply worth it.