Adapting to New Homecoming Changes


Photo courtesy of Gavin McMickin

Gavin McMickin, Reporter

This year, Novato High is required to have the annual homecoming dance outside and while students are excited to finally have a dance after 16 months, they have their own thoughts on the impact Covid-19 is going to have on the event. 

Covid-19 prevented Novato High from having the homecoming dance last school year and now that they can have one, there are guidelines that need to be followed. Novato High senior and ASB President Sean McGinnis talked about the current plans and requirements for the dance. 

“We have to have it outdoors, be masked, and show proof of the vaccine,” explained McGinnis. He then shared his opinion on the requirements. “I don’t understand us having to do it outside and also require a mask and vaccination. I think it’s a pretty counterintuitive policy, like I don’t get why we should have to take all these precautions and still do it outside.”

These requirements also include not being able to bring any outside guests to the dance. This is something students are currently fighting against. Junior Kyle McMickin disagreed with this.

“If we are required to wear masks at homecoming, then we should be able to bring guests,” he said. 

Even though Novato High hasn’t had a homecoming in some time, seniors are used to the booming music inside Novato’s Old Gym. Now that the dance will be outside, some seniors may feel frustrated with the adaptations for their last homecoming.  

Novato senior Nathan Rawlins discussed the changes. 

“Since it’s outside and you have masks on, it doesn’t really seem like a dance. It seems more like something that is forced by the school,” explained Rawlins. 

Senior Madelyn Moran explained her thoughts on homecoming.

“I feel like having a homecoming inside would be better because it’s more of the experience but it’s also better than not having a homecoming at all.”

Homecoming is set for October 23rd, and although it will be different in many ways, students are still eager to return to a traditional annual event.

(*Since the publication of this article, it was announced that guests would be permitted at Homecoming, with a guest pass request form. All NHS students and guests must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 24 hours of the event.