Virtual Concerts Provide a New Experience for Music Fans

Emma Winton, Reporter

For many people, concerts are a way to escape from reality and get closer to their favorite artists. With the pandemic, this experience has been limited but not completely eliminated. Virtual concerts have been a thing for years, but they became more popular when many parts of the world were issued stay-at-home orders in March of 2020. Different streaming platforms have offered a wide range of artists for people of all ages, allowing music lovers to enjoy concerts from the comfort of their homes.

Being stuck in quarantine for almost a full year now has limited the way many people consume music, but new ways of experiencing live performances has been interesting to explore. Even though fans can’t go to concerts in person, many streaming platforms have allowed artists to still perform and sell out their own virtual concerts. 

Personally, I went to one virtual concert last December along with Brooke Smith, a fellow Novato High student. We saw Louis Tomlinson, who some might recognize as a former member of the (still) popular boy band, One Direction. We streamed the concert on her laptop, but were able to cast it onto her television, for a bigger, better experience. It was fun to watch, although it did feel sort of strange, as there was no audience cheering or singing along (except for us in the room of course).

It was an overall great experience. The setup was easy and affordable, and being able to enjoy it from the comfort of home was a unique experience. All music fans should try it at least once. 

Of course, it’s nothing like a real concert, but it’s the closest we can get, and it’s worth it to have the opportunity.