Coronavirus Quarantine Impacting Mental Health


Image Credit Sanctus

Emma Winton

We’ve been cooped up in our homes for almost two weeks now, and I can already see the effects it has on most of us. Who knows how long this might last, weeks, months, years? Even the thought of not being able to see our friends for months is almost unbearable. COVID-19 really knows how to take a toll on teens’ mental health.

This quarantine started out as something cautionary. We knew it was going to last at least a week or two, but in no way did we imagine having to stay indoors until May. Minimal amounts of social interaction is a big factor of depression, and being restricted to the point where we can’t see our friends, unless it’s over FaceTime, is causing many teens to feel lost and lonely.

Personally, I can tell my mindset and emotions have changed a lot since we started this quarantine. I just keep thinking back to the last time I hung out with my friends, and how if I had known that it was the last time (possibly until next fall), I would’ve made it the most important hang out ever. Especially for my friends who aren’t going to NHS next year. The thought of not seeing them at all for the rest of the year is heartbreaking.

My moods have definitely shifted a lot over the past few weeks. I can tell that I’m isolating myself more, and my emotions are a lot more sensitive. I know that staying in my room for most of my day isn’t smart or good for my mental health, but sometimes there’s nothing else I’d rather do. My motivation to do the things I’ve loved in the past has decreased significantly as well. I’m trying to work on getting out more, going on walks and just being out in the fresh air.

Mental health is something we need to be aware of in this confusing time. Isolation in your own home doesn’t mean isolating yourself from everything else. It’s important to take a walk or a hike, and to do things that are creative to get your mind off of this whole thing. Listen to music, draw, write, and focus on anything that you love to make this time easier for you.