Coronacation and the Senior Class

Daniel Bartnicki

In early March, it seemed that many students and maybe even some teachers wanted school to be canceled due to Coronavirus. However, after school was cancelled and shelter-in-place orders were put in effect, many students have realized that they would rather be going to school. 

“At first I wanted the school to be closed but now I miss hangin’ out with all my friends,” said senior Lucas Germer.

With all the end of the year senior activities: prom, graduation, safe grad night and more, looking like they’re not going to happen; NHS seniors are feeling uneasy and uncertain about what the near future may or may not hold. 

For seniors who have been looking forward to graduation throughout their entire learning career, taking away the graduation ceremony almost makes all the work they’ve done feel like it was for nothing.  

“Graduation was always the goal for anything I did in school and to have a chance of not even walking with my class and receiving my diploma in person is still unreal thinking about it,” said senior Simran Bhambra. 

The vast majority of seniors are unsettled by the uncertainty of whether or not the class of 2020 will have a formal graduation. 

“I’ve worked my ass off to be able to walk that stage and it would suck to see that taken away from me and the class of 2020,” said senior Lisbeth Garcia. 

While most seniors see the possibility of graduation being cancelled as a big deal, some seniors see the possible cancelation as a minor loss. 

“It’s annoying that graduation might not happen, but it’s not a big deal to me,” senior Jaxton Funk said. “I’m using the free time to get a head start on my future and try new things while not being held back by school or work.”

Senior Vincent DeMartini is upset about events that may be cancelled, but also shared how the Coronavirus has affected him at work.

“My hours at work are getting cut a lot because I work at a restaurant. Regarding prom and graduation, I feel like it’s really sad for seniors because this is something that a lot of people have been looking towards, even as a freshman,” said Demartini.

While the odds of returning are seemingly against the class of 2020, many seniors are keeping their heads high and remaining hopeful that these milestone events still take place.