Jesus Pizza Offering More Than Just Pizza

Daniel Bartnicki

Novato High lunch staple Jesus Pizza recently switched from Wednesday to Tuesday, changing what day students can get their slices of heaven. 

Volunteer and Pastor at The Quest, Tony Gapastione explained why this subtle change occurred. 

“So we have a student group that meets on Tuesday nights and we thought, ‘Why don’t we do all our student activities on the same day because a lot of our staff is only here part time.’ I’m here usually two days a week and the other staff are here two days a week, so we thought let’s all work on the same day…It’s better to say every Tuesday we got pizza, Jesus Pizza, and we have our student life group,” Gapastione said.

Quest volunteer Doug Martin elaborated on the student group.

“Our goal here at The Quest is to be interconnected with the Novato community and a very important part of that Novato community, for us, is Novato High School…as a way to allow kids to have a safe place to talk about the things that are bothering them, ask questions and try to really get to the bottom of what’s really going on in life. We have a youth group meeting on Tuesday nights at 6:30. All are welcome,” said Martin.

While this change of day seems small, it has had an impact on how fast some students can get to Jesus Pizza at The Quest church.

“I had math fourth, so when it was on Wednesday’s, it would take me hella long to get there, so it’s quicker to get there from my third,” said junior Andrew Osborn.

Junior Karl Guhl can now get his pizza just a little bit faster because of the change.

“It’s a little bit better for me because French class is about 25 feet farther away from Jesus pizza than my English class,” he said. 

The Quest serves slices of Costco pizza, normally cheese and pepperoni for $2 per slice, but the more you buy the less each slice costs. For two slices it will come at the cost of $4, after you buy two slices each additional slice costs a dollar. 

Sophomore Nathan O’Halloran is happy to have an alternative eating option so close to campus. 

“The pizza is great. I think the prices are pretty reasonable, I mean school lunch here basically costs the same price if not more. It’s nice to have one day a week where you can go out and get some nice Costco pizza,” O’Halloran said.