Apps Making It Easy to Find Dates and Mates

Apps Making It Easy to Find Dates and Mates

Rafi Tanaka

The idea of finding your future soulmate in a coffee shop is a common dream, but the reality is that it likely won’t be so spontaneous. Nowadays, finding a mate is more likely through a planned meetup through some sort of dating app. The dating world has entered the online realm with many apps intended to find people dates. Although online dating has its advantages, there are indeed some consequences to putting yourself out there online.

Unlike sites such as and, the new dating apps don’t take long to start up communication and get people on their first date, minutes after setting up a profile. It is almost like ordering on Amazon. 

A dating profile can be pretty brief; just registering name, age, and a small biography to be displayed. However, you do have the option to link your social media platforms, your education and job, and even verify your legitimacy. Other dating apps such as Bumble give you an option to link your Spotify account in order to show off your music taste. People can also list their height, what they are looking for, and other small aspects, like having pets or not. 

As simple as it is, many people are drawn to the rapid dating idea, especially underage civilians. Although these apps, including Tinder, have an age requirement of being 18 or older, many high school underclassmen have discovered the apps as well. 

This not only can cause lawsuits, but Senior Elle Lyonn believes it can put the teens in dangerous situations, simply by having a profile on the app.

“You could get killed or kidnapped or even worse,” Lyonn stated.

Being underage isn’t the only concern. With a non-verified profile, users can still communicate through these apps, posing as someone else. This is known as “catfishing.” Without a verified account, it is unlikely to find a lot of matches.

To avoid being catfished, senior Summer Davis provided some tips.

“Don’t go into their car or give out your home address on the first date,” said Davis.

Lyonn added, “If a person has or gives you a photo that you think might be fake, google up a detailed description of that photo and see if it shows up on Google search.  Also, have a friend on call with a code word. When you text them the code word, they’ll call you.”

On the other hand, dating apps do have their pros. Traditional dating is great, but let’s be honest; you don’t have that many options. With online dating, you have a massive variety of people to choose from, far and wide. Success might just depend on how far one is willing to travel. Filtering age preferences is also a plus when using these apps.  

Not only do you have more people to choose from, but you can choose people who are looking for exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s casual dating or seeking a long-term relationship, the right person might just be a few swipes away.

Sophomore Sophie Vega has witnessed successful relationships surface from online dating.

“My mom met her boyfriend on a dating app and they’ve been together for a year,” Vega stated.

On the other hand, Davis claims online dating is best without expectations.

“You just have to go onto this with a super open mindset. You can’t go looking for a husband on Tinder. You can’t build it up in your head and then meet them with those expectations,” Davis said.

Although it is wonderful to meet people naturally, these apps bring people together from all areas, making it easier to find a mate. Though it has its drawbacks, it’s safe to say that as long as you follow your head, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.